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Supply Chain Disruptions

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Minimize Supply Chain Disruptions During Construction

When manufacturing and processing facilities need to be upgraded or require major system retrofits, the greatest challenge is preventing unplanned downtime, which can lead to lost revenue and even have ramifications up and down the supply chain. Construction is by nature a disruptive process, so completing a project with the least impact on operations is critical.

Working closely with the general contractor, there are several steps you can take so a construction project goes smoothly and your operations stay online during the process:

  • Maintain open communications between all stakeholders
  • Proactively identify potential problems
  • Educate your contractor about your manufacturing operations
  • Maintain a safe work environment

C1S Group has years of experience working with industrial and manufacturing customers to complete construction projects in occupied buildings. Our team understands the demands you are under and we have the experience to work around your schedule to complete a construction project. Please download this article to see how we do this, and if you have any questions or need our advice, we’re here to help you get the answers you need.

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C1S Group’s capabilities include:

  • Specialization in existing facilities
  • Turn-Key construction services
  • Preconstruction planning
  • Infrastructure & site upgrades
  • Project execution during planned facility shutdowns