Cleanroom Design Concepts Part 2

Cleanroom Design Concepts Part 2

The Standards and Other Basics of Cleanroom Design In the first installment of our series on the design and construction of cleanrooms, we covered the internationally recognized standards that govern cleanroom design, discussed the utility matrix that guides the cleanroom design, and reviewed the equipment and systems that are included in a cleanroom. Now we… Read More

Hey Millenials: We’re Listening

by Julie Strong CEO and Owner of C1S Group If you follow our social media pages or check out our website often, you’ll notice we have been doing a lot of celebrating lately at C1S. In 2014 and 2015, we were named to Outside Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” list and in 2016, we’re honored… Read More

Cleanroom Design Concepts

Cleanroom Design Concepts, Part 1

The Standards and Other Basics of Cleanroom Design Cleanrooms are an important component of industrial manufacturing and laboratories, used extensively within the technology, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Accordingly, a cleanroom design must be created according to exact requirements that are spelled out in internationally recognized standards. This blog is a first in a series discussing… Read More