Intern Follows Family Footsteps to Become a Professional Engineer

C1S Intern Follows In Family Footsteps Pursuing Dream of Becoming an Engineer

What drives a person towards becoming a Professional Engineer? For some, knowing their hard work provides people with structurally sound facilities to do business and earn a living guides them into the profession. Others develop a knack for design and enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful buildings on a budget. Ashleigh Jones, on the other… Read More

Could 3D Printing Revolutionize Construction

Could 3D Printing Revolutionize Construction?

3D printing is a fast-growing technology that offers many advantages in manufacturing. But can this same process be adapted to the construction of buildings? It appears the answer is yes. Both researchers and construction companies are actively exploring the application of 3D printing to construction, which could revolutionize the industry and even impact the affordability… Read More