Importance of Meeting Deadlines

Meeting Construction Deadlines Matters. Let’s Talk About Why.

Importance of Meeting Deadlines When it comes to construction projects, there are two questions on the mind of every client.  How much? When can you get the work done by? There are tons of things that go into pricing from material costs, to labor, to the design, but for today, let’s discuss the importance of… Read More

The Road to C1S-Mechanical Designer, Brooke Holley

Ask ten C1S employees about the journey that led them to our team, and you’re sure to get ten different answers. Some went the more traditional route, getting their engineering degrees and finding us through a career fair. Others began their professional lives serving our country and gaining some valuable skills along the way before… Read More

Correct Estimate: C1S’s Stephen Leask

Correct Estimate: C1S’s Stephen Leask

In construction, before the first pieces of debris are cleared, the heavy machinery is moved in, and the finished product begins taking shape comes a series of conversations. These conversations include everyone from property owners to sub contractors. The topic? You guessed it. Oftentimes it’s the almighty dollar. At C1S, Stephen Leask is one of… Read More

Basics of Compressed Dry Air System Design Part 2

Basics of Compressed Air System Design and Troubleshooting Part Two

Last week, we gave you a taste of what goes into compressed air system design and troubleshooting, touching on everything from system components to fixing common issues. It’s a topic that can be difficult to digest, so we split it up. Let’s continue with part two in our series. Benefits of Master Controllers A typical… Read More

Dustin White C1S

Blue Jeans for A Button Up: Dustin White

For more than a dozen years, construction sites felt like a second home for Dustin White. They were a place he could bring plans to life and talk shop, getting into detail about design, budget, safety, labor, and everything in between, all while sporting his favorite outfit. “I’m comfortable in blue jeans, steel toed boots,… Read More

Basics of Compressed Dry Air System Design and Troubleshooting

Basics of Compressed Air System Design and Troubleshooting

Compressed Dry Air (CDA) systems are an essential part of the manufacturing industry. In fact, compressed air is so common, it’s frequently considered the fourth utility, after electricity, natural gas and water. Compressed air is, however, more expensive than the three utilities when calculated on a per unit energy delivered basis. For this reason, understanding… Read More