Constructing Compliant Cleanrooms Requires Expertise

The medical supplies used in the hospital to keep you healthy. The technology the military uses to keep our country safe. Even the lenses that allow you camera phone to take a decent photo. All of these things are manufactured in secure, sterile and contaminant free facilities called cleanrooms.

How does a cleanroom keep contaminants like dust and chemical gases out? It requires precise design, guided by rigorous standards. You must understand:

  • International Standards for Cleanrooms
  • Documentation and System Requirements
  • Systems for Cleanroom Ventilation
  • Air Recirculation within the Clean Space
  • The Cleanroom Construction Process

Creating a cleanroom is a project where you simply can’t compromise. At C1S, we are experts in cleanroom design and construction. We have the knowledge and the experience necessary to take on projects where accuracy is everything.

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