C1S Renovation Energizes Creative Office

Reel FX is an award-winning creative studio that develops and produces animated films and short form content for entertainment and commercial programs. The company’s Dallas facility is a nearly 100 year-old industrial building. RealFX contracted with C1S for extensive facility upgrades.

To define the entrance of the building, C1S removed the existing front entry way and installed an architectural feature that runs from the interior of the building to the outside and creates an awning over the entry. Interior renovations involved adding a bathroom and a break area to the space, renovating the lobby and reception areas and recarpeting the office areas.

Working in an occupied space created the biggest challenge of the project. For example, much of the work was completed during the production of the animated film Free Birds. C1s carefully coordinated demolition activities, such as removing brick walls, with the occupants in order to minimize disruption of voice overs and other recordings for the movie. Recarpeting
the occupied spaces was another challenge for the construction team, as all work begun at night needed to be complete and ready for work by 7a.m. the next day.

The owners started with a tight schedule and actually pulled it inby two weeks so the office could be used as a party location for the film’s opening premier. C1S was up to all these challenges and completed the $2.5 million, 28 week project on time and on budget.

Whatever the facility, whether it’s manufacturing, industrial, a critical environment or commercial, C1S offers turn-key construction services by an experienced team. From routine maintenance to complete renovations, we can meet all facility needs.

Project Fast Facts: ReelFX Studio

  • $2.5M project
  • 28 week project schedule
  • Renovation of occupied, 100 year-old building
  • Delivered on time/budget
  • Construct new bath and breakroom space
  • Create new architectural feature to define building entry