C1S’ exceptional record of client service and satisfaction earns us repeat customers and new referrals


“Dave Waites is doing an awesome job and we could not have asked for a better construction manager. He is smart and understands the industry and the job and keeps everyone on their toes. He has developed a great relationship and reputation with the folks here at the plant and everyone is very pleased with him. I would not have been able to complete this project without him and I just wanted him to know that.”
Curtis Brown, PMP, EIT, Capital Project Manager – Valspar

“Please pass my appreciation along to Shelley White for her support in identifying equipment installation problems, working through the field change solutions, and keeping the install weekend tasks on-track and as-designed. The weekend workflow was amazingly smooth and the team faced only minor challenges. She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to March and April’s shutdowns! Thanks for the support.”
William Andrasko – Frito Lay

“You guys have been amazing on this project. I know it wasn’t an easy one. I also know how much more we got for our money based on the constant desire and attention to make us happy. It was obvious from day one that you guys really cared about the job. That passion was evident every day and certainly shows up in the final product. I also think it’s the primary differentiator for doing business with your group. Knowledge is certainly key, but when you pair that with the right attitude and passion, great things happen. I’m extremely happy and proud of the building, and I know Tom is as well. He has made several comments about how beautiful the place is, and he’s not a guy who throws around many compliments.

“The only negative about the project is that we are nearing the end and I won’t get to see your mugs on a regular basis. Please remember that you are always free to drag a potential customer through the building or I’m happy to send a recommendation or meet with anyone who needs to hear about our experience with C1S.”
Kyle Clark, CFO – Reel FX

“Last Friday night the class 100-A UPS shorted out and we lost control of the entire building for about 6 hours. Though the house power remained on, we lost the cleanroom tools, chillers, vacuum pumps, process chillers, compressor, and the EMS controls due to the fault opening several main breakers up stream.

“Charlie Crofford came out about 10:00 pm to assist Rick while I was on my way to the plant. I would like to express my appreciation to Charlie who voluntarily came out to assist in whatever he could do. This only shines well for C1S and their commitment for customer support. I wanted you to know that simple words cannot express my thanks for Charlie’s response and encourage C1S to continue to employ individuals with his type of loyalty and concern for the customer.”
James Carty, Facilities / EHS Manager – L-3 Communications

“C1S’s expertise helped us target the right energy conservation projects for our 26-year-old Plano-based headquarters building to meet EPA Energy Star Standards and attain LEED EB Gold certification. They also helped us work with the U.S. Green Building Council to ensure our food manufacturing sites would be recognized as part of the LEED existing-building program. They documented our initial assessments, provided key insights through the process and ensured each project was ready for certification.”
George Guck, Group Manager Site Operations Headquarters Campus – Frito Lay North America