Our specialized turn-key construction services are designed to meet each customer’s exact requirements and drive ROI

Engineering, Construction and Sustainability Services

Turn-Key Construction Services Specializing in Existing Facilities

C1S Group offers customers turn-key construction services with a wide range of specialized services built around our core offerings of engineering, construction and sustainability. With all our projects, C1S strives to meet each customers exact requirements, provide exceptional ROI and complete projects with minimal impact on the customer’s work environment.

C1S specializes in providing engineering, construction and sustainability services for existing buildings, especially in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Our turn-key construction services include:

  • Developing as-built drawings for existing buildings
  • Documenting current facility MEP/Process equipment and operations
  • Minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations
  • Maintaining a safe work environment

Engineering Services

As part of our engineering consulting services, C1S has extensive experience in the design and construction of cleanrooms and critical facility environments. Our cleanroom design and construction services include:

  • Designing for ISO 3 (Class 1) to ISO 9 (Class 1 mill) cleanrooms
  • Programming of cleanroom requirements with area allocations, equipment layouts, cleanliness classifications, and temperature/humidity/pressure specifications.
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), and Process system design.
  • Cleanroom interior design including wall, ceiling, and floor layout design and material selection.

Construction Services

C1S Group’s turn-key construction services include industry-leading expertise in the design-build project delivery method. Using Design-Build, C1S Group enables operators to realize maximum project value for their construction projects. Our design-build services include:

  • Preconstruction feasibility studies
  • Scheduling and coordination for all project phases
  • Programming requirements with area allocations, equipment layouts, cleanliness classifications, and temperature/humidity / pressure specifications
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and process system design and installation
  • Interior design including wall, ceiling and floor layout design and material selection

Sustainability Services

C1S offer turn-key construction services to promote sustainability based on incorporating energy efficiency, maintainability and value within an industrial context. C1S Group’s Sustainable Services include

  • LEED Certification
  • Energy Star Rating
  • ISO 50001 Consulting
  • Retro-Commissioning Planning
  • ROI Analysis
  • Energy Modelling