April 6, 2020

3D Laser Scanning: Better Accuracy for Less

In design and construction, there is a constant push to do more with less by completing projects faster and more efficiently.


3D Laser scanning offers better accuracy and quality through the density and complexity of detail in the point cloud of your space. Laser scanning can determine where structural beams and columns are located, as well as the distance between the floor and ceiling, and all other fundamental systems and features. The point cloud data is then carefully and meticulously converted into the CAD or BIM product of choice. Our technicians and engineers are able to provide extremely precise as-built models which accurately record how things connect in real space within less than an 1/8 inch deviation. This is far superior to outdated methods and pictures that often provide inaccurate, warped, and distorted distances between objects.

Time and Savings

Efficiencies are gained by spending less time on site. A majority of our work is in large facilities requiring renovations and improvements. Traditional methods of data collection involved days and weeks of incurred travel expenses and labor at the job site. Laser scanning takes away a significant amount of the front-end labor hours by integrating technology to accomplish the same task faster.

Access and Safety

Data can be captured remotely and safely without disrupting operations. Elevated, dangerous, and hard to reach spaces become easily and safely accessible when laser scanning is utilized with professional survey poles and drones.

Sharing and Storage

Traditional blueprints of existing buildings are often inaccurate or lost over time, and they don’t allow for easy collaboration between project stakeholders who are working remotely. 360-degree panoramic images and scan data can be stored online for project stakeholders to view, highlight, and comment on particular areas from the comfort of their own desk.  Stored data is easily accessible to analyze current and future facility upgrades. And, when funds become available, future projects can be fast-tracked without the need for a costly revisit to the site.

Download our 3D Scanning Capability Statement to learn more about C1S and projects that have been completed by our designers and engineers using 3D Laser Scanning >>