December 3, 2018

Construction In Focus Features C1S

Green technology has been gaining momentum in the construction and engineering industry for a number of years, but ever with this space, C1S Group - a Dallas - based engineering, construction, and sustainability consulting firm - is set apart by its belief that in order for a project to truly be sustainable, it needs to be both environmentally and financially viable.

"Sustainability has its roots in engineering. It is saving waste, saving water, saving energy. That's always been our drive as engineers, to do more with less," says Matt Strong, PE, LEED AP, and President and Director of Engineering at C1S Group. "Our overall drive in every project is to provide a sustainable solution."

Of course, LEED certification is a key part of that equation, but at C1S Group, which specializes in the design and renovation of existing buildings, there is more of a focus on providing project solutions that protect the environment and help the owner boost their bottom line with modern building enhancements. Read More...