October 18, 2018

Optimize CAPEX Spending with a Facility Condition Assessment

Your facilities are tasked with doing more with less, and the facility improvements you want to make must compete against all the other worthwhile needs before your leadership team. You want to spend wisely, and a compelling business case is required.

This is where the C1S Group can help.  If you want to make sure dollars are being deployed to the most critical needs, then consider engaging with us to complete a Facility Condition Assessment.

A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is an analysis of the condition of a facility in terms of age, design, construction methods, and materials. Our cross functional team of engineers and construction professionals will review existing as-built documents, conduct a thorough field survey, interview facility personnel, and perform testing and monitoring to provide you with a detailed assessment.

This detailed investigation includes a comprehensive narrative with photos identifying your facility deficiencies.   Each deficiency is prioritized and assigned a budget estimate to repair or replace allowing you to distinguish between maintenance and capital improvement needs.

 Our Clients Rely on the FCA to:

  • Create a safe and reliable working environment for employees

  • Maintain exceptional facility performance to provide outstanding products for their customers

  • Make critical capital investment (CAPEX) decisions in a proactive manner before an unplanned event occurs that can disrupt operations

  • Secure the capital funding from key decision makers who are challenged with too many requests, a limited budget and a lack of supporting documentation

The C1S Group is continually investing in technology that delivers increasing value to our clients.  We have multiple commercial drones with sophisticated cameras that allow us to scan and assess dangerous and hard to reach areas like rooftops and silos. We equip our site visit team with thermal scanners to identify deficiencies that would be undetected by the human eye.  We also use data loggers to capture real-time information on the current state of your facility. These advancements have provided critical and timely insights to facility managers.

Engaging the C1S Group in a Facility Condition Assessment Program will save you time and money while allowing you to proactively manage high-performing facility operations.

Shutdown Coordination White Paper
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