C1S offers turn-key construction services from a team with design-build expertise and experience in industrial and occupied facilities

Turn-Key Construction Services

Upgrades of Occupied Facilities to Facility Relocatons

Whatever the facility, whether it’s manufacturing, industrial, critical environment or commercial, C1S’s team of general contractors and consultants offer top tier construction services. Anywhere from routine maintenance to complete renovations, we can meet all facility needs. Our project experience ranges from facility relocations and expansions to critical process system upgrades. For facilities upgrades, we have the knowledge to perform projects without interrupting operations—we keep you doing what you do! By understanding the exact needs of our clients, we provide exceptional service and value in all types of critical environments.

Safety is a core value of C1S so we have established a “zero accident” culture supported by ongoing training, weekly safety updates, and onsite safety meetings. We ensure that resources are made available to support the safety of our people as well as occupants in the environments where C1S works. C1S has an official Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of .91 and all our construction team members are OSHA 30 Certified.

Design-Build Expertise

The C1S team provides industry-leading expertise in the design-build project delivery method where there is a single contractual entity for design and construction. This minimizes risk for facility owners while reducing the schedule by overlapping the conceptual design and construction phases of a project. It also brings organization to complex and fast-track projects, an important benefit for retrofit jobs, which are typically more complicated than new construction. C1S is committed to design-build because it saves facility owners both money and time compared to traditional delivery methods, allowing owners to realize maximum project value.