Adapting Historic Buildings to Modern Use Presents Complex Challenges

Retrofitting of buildings to meet the changing needs of occupants is always challenging. When the building is historic, the complexity only increases. Adapting these structures to modern uses involves creative solutions, patience and vision. Maintaining the existing elements that make the building unique and desirable is paramount, but just as important is bringing the structure up to current building codes and adding modern amenities.

Common challenges to overcome working in historic structures include:

  • Creating as-built drawings where none exist
  • Discovering unforeseen conditions
  • Adapting existing space to meet contemporary demands
  • Preserving historic elements while adding modern equipment and features

C1S Group’s experience in adapting old buildings to new uses includes converting a former munitions factory into a music venue; renovating a 100-year-old industrial building into an animation and special effects studio; repurposing a collection of century-old warehouses into a retail complex, and adapting a vintage retail space for a modern restaurant.

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