April 4, 2017

C1S Group Constructing Southwest Dallas Recycling Plant for CarbonLITE

DALLAS (April 4, 2017) ― Plastic recycler CarbonLITE has engaged C1S Group as the primary contractor for the construction of its new North Texas recycling facility. C1S Group, a full-service professional engineering and construction firm based in Dallas, has begun the process to convert the facility located on Mountain Creek Parkway in southwest Dallas into a leading edge recycling center.

To prepare the facility for CarbonLITE’s recycling operations, C1S is providing new electrical services, adding storage silos, and increasing the height on a 5,500 square foot section of the 230,000 square foot building. Construction is expected to be completed by early summer 2017. CarbonLITE, one of the world’s largest producers of food-grade post-consumer recycled plastic, will use the building to manufacture new polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin flakes and pellets created from old plastic bottles. At its similar California bottle-to-bottle recycling plant, CarbonLITE processes more than two billion post-consumer plastic bottles annually.

“Although this is a newly constructed building, the as-built facility couldn’t fully support CarbonLITE’s processes,” said Matt Strong, PE, LEED AP and President of C1S Group. “Fortunately, at C1S we have expertise working in manufacturing and industrial facilities, with a specialty of transforming existing buildings to meet complex owner needs. Once the construction is concluded, this facility will be completely equipped to fulfill CarbonLITE’s mission of preserving resources and reducing the carbon footprint from PET bottle production.”

About CarbonLITE Industries LLC

CarbonLITE is one of the largest producers of food-grade Post-consumer Recycled PET in the world. We specialize in processing used plastic bottles into bottle-grade PET resin flakes and pellets that can then be used to manufacture new plastic beverage bottles and other products. Through new state-of-the-art facilities, technologies, and equipment, CarbonLITE is fully invested and committed to make an impact in preserving resources and reducing the carbon footprint from PET bottle production. For more information, visit http://www.carbonliterecycling.com.

About C1S Group

C1S Group is an engineering, construction and sustainability consulting firm specializing in the design and installation of projects for existing facilities. As experts in providing solutions for critical and manufacturing environments, C1S drives energy efficiency, maintainability and value in every project. For more information, visit www.c1sinc.com.