March 10, 2016

C1S Group Is a Registered ISNetworld Contractor

C1S Group, a full-service professional engineering and construction firm, has completed ISNetworld registration, demonstrating adherence to rigorous safety standards. ISNetworld maintains safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information on contractors, simplifying the prequalification process for facility owners. ISNetworld brings together hiring clients and contractors, creating safer work environments and lasting partnerships.

“C1S clients benefit from our ISNetworld registration because they know our safety program has been audited by a third party,” said Matt Strong, PE, LEED AP and president of C1S Group. “Hiring clients use ISNetworld to standardize contractor management across multiple sites and geographic regions. Participation provides C1S with a competitive advantage because it will expedite the selection process for building owners choosing a contractor. Facility owners will know that we have a strong safety record and are committed to maintaining safe work environments, which provides them with confidence in their selection of C1S.”

Besides streamlining the qualification process, ISNetworld supports proactive, preventative measures like training and written programs and drives continuous improvement by identifying potential gaps in written health and safety programs. ISNetworld registered contractors experience a 16 percent decline in incident rates compared to other U.S. contractors and overall have a 52 percent lower incident rate compared to the industry average.

Because safety is a fundamental focus of the company, CIS strives to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses by eliminating or significantly reducing hazards at every opportunity. All C1S construction team members are OSHA 30 trained and the company continuously refocuses team members and subcontractors on safety. Monthly safety training facilitated by their safety consultant, companywide safety updates and tips distributed weekly, and onsite project specific safety meetings are all a basic function of how C1S promotes safety.

About C1S Group C1S Group is an engineering, construction and sustainability consulting firm specializing in the design and installation of projects for existing facilities. As experts in providing solutions for critical and manufacturing environments, C1S drives energy efficiency, maintainability and value in every project. The C1S client list varies from global Fortune 500 organizations to highly specialized entities with one facility. The C1S business model calls for the agility to work on multiple projects across geographic locations with varying complexities. For more information, visit