The professional engineers at C1S have design experience on hundreds of industrial projects

Engineering Projects

C1S Group, Inc. provides Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering projects, as well as, design and consulting services to the commercial, institutional, manufacturing and industrial markets. Our professional MEP engineering staff has design experience on hundreds of engineering projects both locally and across the country. Following are examples of some of our engineering projects.

FRITO LAY—North America

Headquarters Facility

  • Facility lighting as built documentation
  • Toilet renovation design
  • Commercial kitchen renovation design
  • R&D kitchen lab design
  • Design for installing (2) 650 ton high efficiency chillers
  • Design for 44 panel solar thermal water heating system
  • Design for cold storage underfloor solar heating system

Frito Lay Manufacturing

  • 13 site- facility project identification and overall site assessment
  • Mechanical facility standards
  • Stacys Boston HVAC evaluation and design
  • Charlotte, N.C. & Irving, TX: HVAC assessments and redesigns
  • Airflow evaluation and upgrade recommendations: Canton, Williamsport, Jonesboro, York, Lynchburg
  • Fryer upgrade design
  • Deaerator tank installation design

PEPSICO—North America

  • Office space tenant improvement design
  • Kitchen renovation design
  • Pony chiller design

RAYTHEON—Dallas, Texas

  • MEP design for HVAC system for manufacturing area
  • MEP design for cooling tower replacement (temporary cooling tower layout and piping modifications to support new installation)
  • Design services for lobby renovation
  • Paint booth exhaust upgrade design
  • Clean manufacturing upgrade for relocation of new product group including chemical lab and DI water distribution modifications for strict specification compliance
  • Chiller change-out design

JOHNSON & JOHNSON—Irving and San Angelo, Texas

  • Kitting room conversion design build project
  • Duct work re-sealing project and payback analysis
  • Chilled water analysis and cleanroom expansion design
  • Executive conference room renovation design
  • Server room design
  • Air cooled chiller design
  • Facility as-built documentation updates
  • Thermal oxidizer investigation and replacement plan development
  • Air balance study
  • Design for 7 oven back up generator
  • Catwalk design and installation
  • Clean lab AHU upgrade design
  • Spray booth design

HOME DEPOT—Atlanta, Georgia

  • Corporate office facility separation to create two addresses
  • MEP verification and planning to split utilities
  • HVAC Stand Alone Controls modifications sequencing
  • Platting investigation
  • Fire line loop modifications & Interior fire sprinkler system modifications
  • Exterior Storm water modifications
  • Electrical and Data separation planning
  • Construction management for all activities


  • 15,000 sf, ISO7 / IS05 cleanroom design
  • HVAC system design including makeup air, recirculation air, humidification, and space cooling
  • Clean manufacturing systems design for process equipment
  • 5,000 sf, ISO7 / ISO5 cleanroom design
  • Design of chemical storage room for hazardous production materials
  • Class 100 tool additions


  • Warehouse as-built drawing updates
  • 20,000 sf, ISO7 / ISO8 medical device manufacturing cleanroom design
  • Clean environment monitoring system design for FDA compliance
  • Retro-commissioning support for cleanroom HVAC systems for FDA compliance
  • Design of “clean-zone” for reduction of contamination
  • Design for 2,700 sf of semi-clean packaging / testing lab area in an existing warehouse


  • V-blender design
  • Drying oven design
  • Hazardous material dust control system design
  • Facility as-built verification for FDA compliance
  • Design of “clean-zone” for reduction of contamination
  • Design of interlocks for pressure control for ISO compliance
  • Differential pressure testing and facility recommendations for FDA compliance

STION CORPORATION—Hattiesburg, Mississippi

  • Design of mechanical and process systems for clean manufacturing facility
  • Site engineering / design support during installation to meet critical compliance deadline

FINISAR—Plano, Texas

  • System utility matrix maintenance and updates
  • Assembly room upgrade to Class 100 certified cleanroom

SMITH AND NEPHEW—Fort Worth, Texas

  • CGMP diagram updates for FDA compliance audit
  • CGMP facility as built drawing updates


  • Tenant improvement design build after hours and holiday renovation


  • Ventilation modification design and monorail hoist system design


  • Ventilation modification design
  • H3 fan upgrade design


  • ISO 8 cleanroom installation
  • 4,000 sq. ft. assembly area renovation


  • Clean room design


  • Dry product room HVAC design
  • Facility as builts design


  • Compounding pharmacy AHU replacement


  • Clean room design