Andrew Clendenen Trial by Fire

Trial By Fire

At C1S, our team members are our most valuable assets. That’s why we take the time to invest in them professionally through things like continued education and networking opportunities, personally through the use of experienced mentors, and even physically through group activities like our “Susta1ners” running team and “Biggest Loser Challenge.” One major beneficiary of… Read More

Work Hard, Play Hard: C1S Crawfish Boil 2017

Work Hard, Play Hard: C1S Crawfish Boil 2017 (Video)

On Friday, April 21st, team members, their families, clients, and friends of the company gathered for the 8th Annual C1S Crawfish Boil. The event began as a way to say thank you to the people who have a stake in our success, and is one of many ways we live up to one of our… Read More

Promoting Safety, Quality and Health in Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collection in an Industrial Context Promotes Quality, Safety & Health

Enhancing safety, increasing efficiency and reducing costs are important goals to manufacturers. Dust collection systems can play a big role in accomplishing them. In a manufacturing setting, dust can affect the quality of the products produced, impact worker health, and even catch fire or explode. Dust collection is particularly important to industries such as: Chemical… Read More

The Challenge and Potential of Solar Power

The Challenge and Potential of Solar Power

From the Chinese using mirrors to reflect light to ignite torches for religious purposes in 20 A.D., to the Anasazi people in North America building their cliff dwellings on the south-facing cliff to capture the winter sun in the 1200’s A.D., people have looked to the sun as a source of power and warmth, and… Read More

Safety First! Meet Construction Superintendent, Jason Burrhus:

Safety First! Meet Construction Superintendent, Jason Burrhus

Construction can be a dangerous, even deadly job. In a world where dangers can come from nature, environmental conditions, heavy equipment and even human error, the risks workers face are numerous. With this in mind, C1S is committed to safety. In fact, safety is one of our core values, and at the forefront of our… Read More

Employee of the year: Jane of all trades

Jane of All Trades

Take a look at just about any business card and it will tell you a lot. Name, phone number, email address, title, it’s all on there. The title on Christine Clary-Lackey’s business card is “Contract Administrator.” That’s because “Jane of All Trades”, while fitting, just didn’t seem appropriate. “I wear a number of hats, so… Read More