Capex Construction

Optimize CAPEX Spending with a Facility Condition Assessment

Football season is well underway! And, for most companies, this is also CAPEX planning season.  Your facilities are tasked with doing more with less, and the facility improvements you want to make must compete against all the other worthwhile needs before your leadership team. You want to spend wisely, and a compelling business case is… Read More

Four Steps to Sizing Roof Drains

Getting water off a building’s roof is important, but how do you know what size drain to use to provide adequate drainage? Using tools from the International Plumbing Code (IPC) it’s not that hard. IPC provides four steps to size the roof drains on a building: * Determine 100-year, 1-hour rainfall rate used for location… Read More

Four Steps to Sizing Sanitary Sewers & Vents

Sanitary sewers and vents play important roles in maintaining the quality of the indoor environment of a building. Correct sizing is crucial to their proper functioning, so you want to be sure you know how to get it right. Fortunately, understanding how to properly sizing sanitary sewers and vents in a facility is made easier… Read More